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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last day at the Shafai's in Eastvale.

Yesterday was my last full day at the Shafai's. Their address used to be Corona but their section of the area incorporated as a new California city, Eastvale. So they changed their city but stayed in the same house!

Our last supper together was at the famous Bob's Big Boy. In front of Bob is Annie, Max, Jack, and Charlie. The boy's grand mother Nancy and their great grandfather the Old Prunepicker joined the Shafai's for supper.

Charlie and Max did some chalk art on the patio cement.

Charlie got some chalk on his hands.

So did Max.

Mittens and Hunter shared a bowl of dog food. Both heads were in the dish at the same time.

Paymaan and his cousin Ali were able to stop by for a visit.

Paymaan instructed his son to be a "sweet boy" while he was gone. "Sweet Boy" is a Southern Admonition. If only we knew what a sweet boy is. 

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