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This is the blog site of an old man. As a native Californian I call myself a prune picker. I live in a fifth wheel trailer. My front door is 25 steps from my daughter’s front door in the Piney Woods of North Louisiana. My blogs are often silly and or trivial, and some times educational and serious. I hope that some are interesting. None are long.

Preparing these blogs seems to fill a need in my life. I am compelled to do it. It helps fill the time until I die. It gives me something to do everyday.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Johnny Lynn made me a Christmas Tree.

She used a cone, frosting, and M and Ms. Very clever. I love it!

Six new rabbits on the Adams Farm.

They were born about a week ago. Some eyes are open and they are growing fuzz. John has built a new hutch to put the two males in so that the mother and her six kids can have some peace and quiet.

Male quarters on the right. In the new hutch.

The new Mom!

Six little guys in a pile of fur. Some eyes open. Notice the spots on one of them.

I think that this grey guy is the Dad. (The spots gave him away.)

Basketball weekend.

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have three basketball games this weekend. Friday night they played Morehead from Kentucky. Last night they played American University from Washington, DC. Tonight they play Presbyterian from Clinton, South Carolina. I will be at all of these games.

Friday night. Bulldogs vs Morehead.

Justin is sending a note to the Coach.

The back of Rightear's right ear.

Saturday night. Bulldogs vs American University.

Rightear with family.

Coach White has some tips for the Bulldogs.

This young man is saying "What are you doing to my hand, Old Man?"

Sunday afternoon. Bulldogs vs Presbyterian.

Carolyn and Skip were at all three weekend games. With members of their family.

These guys wipe the floors during time outs.

We won all three games. The Bulldogs have not lost a game at home for a long time.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

John's Chickens Update.

I really enjoy John's chickens. They are handsome!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Berlin Wall tear down. Rebecca Bird Haley. "I was there!"

Rebecca gave a great talk last night at the Lincoln Parish Library. She was teaching and living in West Berlin when the Berlin Wall was torn down. She had tables covered with souvenirs and walls full of posters about the historic event. Her talk was illustrated by many excellent slides. She was assisted by Mr Ben Haley.

There was a large appreciative audience. I really enjoyed Rebecca's talk. I gained a feeling of what it was like to be there when the wall came down.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jefferson Corner Liars Club. Update.

The Jefferson Corner Liars Club has had a rough year. Last December 30 was the last day under the management of the Blakley Ladies. Rosa, Tina, and Rhonda. The store was closed for renovations for 2 or 3 months. The store then reopened under new management. By then members of the Club had found new venues such as the Huddle house, Whataburger, and Cranfords Northside. It was quiet at Jefferson Corner.

Recently many members have returned to Jefferson Corner. It seems almost like old times.

This was the group this morning.

The Old Prunepicker was there. In his old chair.

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