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Saturday, May 31, 2014

(RV 19) Start home from Bergen, New Jersey.

Jackie and I had a swell time taking our grandchildren Steven and Joy Conroe, Texas to Bergen, New Jersey. The happy memories of that trip stayed with us. We had taken the kids to the Newark Airport so that they could fly home. Our trip home would take a lot longer.

We enjoyed our trip home. We saw many wonderful sights in Michigan, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. At six stops on our way home we stayed for a week. At a camp in Wisconsin Dells we stayed for two weeks. We leisurely visited many interesting places.

Our first stop on the way home was at Hershey, Pennsylvania. 165 miles. We had stayed at Hershey for two weeks June 1987. We knew the area. We liked it. Then 302 miles to Mercer, PA. We had stopped at Mercer in May of 1987. Our friends were there and we had a nice stay of a week.

Then we drove 353 miles to a Thousand Trails park in Nottawa Lakes, Michigan. This was in the city of Marshall. We made a trip over to Dearborn and went to the Henry Ford Museum. We enjoyed it. We went to Battle Creek to see corn flakes. We went back to Battle Creek the next day to a cat show. I still remember the cats and the people. We got to watched the judging. Near to Marshall was a restaurant named Cornell's Turkeyville.

They serve turkey dinners only all year long. Boy! were they good. We ran into two other such restaurants in our travels. One in Vermont and one in Arizona. I bet there are others.

To Traverse City. 250 miles. Interesting place. We went over on the Michigan Lake coast to see the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.
Big dunes. Looking at Lake Michigan is like looking at the ocean. Big lake. One memorable evening we went to a live show at the summer camp of the Interlochen Center for the Arts. It is 15 miles out of Traverse City. We saw Ray Charles, full band, and backup singers. It was a great show.

We drove to Indian River, MI. 93 miles. On the way there we went through Petoskey, the boyhood summer home of Ernest Hemingway. From here we went to the locks of Saulte Sainte Marie. We rode a boat through the locks of "sue saint marie". We went to Mackinaw City and caught a hydro boat out to Mackinac Island. While we were on the island we took a horseless carriage ride, No cars allowed. We went to lunch at the Grand Hotel.
The hotel has the real long porch that you have seen in several movies. Delicious lunch. It cost about ten time my usual lunch!

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