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Friday, May 23, 2014

(RV 14) Trip home from tour of the northeast.

Here we are in St Clair, Michigan. We are about 1700 miles from home. I must confess that when we were far from home, like 1500 to 3000 miles, I would get the feeling of being a prisoner. I knew that it was many hours of driving, many camp grounds, and many set ups before we would be home. But that is full time RVing.

380 miles to Niles, Michigan.

370 miles to Park City, Kentucky. This is near some huge underground caverns but Jackie and I did not  visit them. I guess we were touristed out. Nearby in Bowling Green was the headquarters of Camping World. Camping World is a nation wide RV supply company. We did lots of business with them over the years. We stopped there and had some minor work done.

260 miles to Spring Creek Ranch, Tennessee.

320 miles to Hope, Arkansas. We did not get to get to see Bill Clinton. I think that he had been born. We stayed at the Fairgrounds. Honor System. We put our money in a box.

We were parked out in the middle of a lawn. Nearby was a baseball diamond with a loud game playing.

340 miles to Walnut Cove. Home Sweet Home. We stopped in Benton, Louisiana for a visit with the Alfa factory there. The main Alfa plant was in Chino, California. This was a satellite factory.

This first year of RVing we had been to Waco to a Samboree, west of San Antonio, to Florida and Key West, and to the most northern tip of Nova Scotia. You would think that was enough traveling for a year. But no. In December my son Mike and I got stuck in a West Texas snowstorm on the way to California. You have to try to get stuck in a snowstorm in West Texas.

See my next blog.

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