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Monday, May 26, 2014

(RV 16) Trip to Chino, California for new black water tank.

We had returned from our tour of the Northeast in September 1986. I had pulled Mike's Volkswagen bug to California in December.

By January, 1987 Jackie and I had developed a bad case of "hitch itch". This condition makes an RVer want to hook (hitch) up their truck and trailer and go. We had a leak in our black water tank. Alfa would repair it if we got the trailer to Chino. So off we went on the first of two trips that we would take in 1987. This first one would take us to the Pacific Ocean at Oceano. The second trip in July through September would take us to the Atlantic Ocean at New York City. That would do it for  1987. Since we retired late in 1985 to the end of 1987 that will be three trips to the East Coast and back. One trip to the West Coast and back. Four trips half way across the US adds up to two round trips across the US.

On this first trip we would make camp 21 different places.

Off we go to Medina Lake, Texas 276 miles. Fort Stockton, Texas 313 miles. Vado, New Mexico 339 miles. Picacho Peak, Arizona 333 miles. Fountain of Youth Spa near Bombay Beach, California 317 miles.

We had friends (Abers) at the Fountain of Youth Spa
and we stopped for a visit. There were natural hot springs at the Spa. Steam baths. Hot tubs or pools of different sizes and temperature. You could see groups of older people sitting in hot water and visiting.
The Spa was like a city. A thousand or more sites. Several clubhouses, poker room, barber shop, etc. To the east of the Spa are the Chocolate  Mountains. These limestone mountains were used for a bombing practice range for the Navy at San Diego. Bombay Beach got its name because that is where the bombers would open their bombays. Bombay Beach is on the shore of the Salton Sea.

Then we went to the Flying B, California 171 miles. Glen Ivy, CA 45 miles. Alfa Factory in Chino, CA 25 miles. Glen Ivy, CA 25 miles. Palm Springs, CA 92 miles. Champagne Lakes, CA 114 miles. Valencia, CA 161 miles. Oceano, CA 177 miles.

In Chino at the Alfa Factory I watched as they took the skin off of the Alfa's belly and replaced our black water tank. You do not want a leaky black water tank.

Oceano is about halfway on our trip. Tune in next blog post for the trip back to Walnut Cove.

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