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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Move SE to Rattlesden, Suffolk.

In 1545 Richard Munson was born in Rattlesden. My Munson line had just spent a couple of hundred years in South Carlson. Richard and his son John were born and died in Rattlesden, Richard and John are the two English great grandfathers that I know where their graves are. John's son Thomas was born in Rattlesden in 1612. Thomas moved to American and shows up on the Militia list in the Pequot Indian War in 1637.

Next May I hope to visit Rattlesden and take pictures of the graves of Richard and John. My daughter Nancy Ann and I are scheduled to arrive in London next May 15. Pretty exciting.

Nearby are the cities of Ipswich and Colchester. I think Colchester was location of the first Roman fortifications in England,

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  1. Hi Chuck - I've been pouring over your blog the past few weeks to see what you had to say about the Rattlesden Monsons. How lucky you were to be able to go over there and do a little research. What I've found in my research is that there is no possible or probable connection between the Monsons/Munsons of Lincolnshire and those in Rattlesden. Did you find anything that went back further than two generations prior to Capt Thomas Munson? I finished going through The Peerage of England, 3 Vols which leaves little wiggle room but to say "our" Capt Thomas Munson forefathers were not of the same family. Would love to hear what you learned and what your conclusions were.


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