Prune picker

This is the blog site of an old man. As a native Californian I call myself a prune picker. I live in a fifth wheel trailer. My front door is 25 steps from my daughter’s front door in the Piney Woods of North Louisiana. My blogs are often silly and or trivial, and some times educational and serious. I hope that some are interesting. None are long.

Preparing these blogs seems to fill a need in my life. I am compelled to do it. It helps fill the time until I die. It gives me something to do everyday.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another tea spill at Jefferson Corner

As usual John Roebuck jumps up and starts mopping the tea, Donald Willett is cheering him on.

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  1. I think you MIGHT be running out of things to blog about. :)

  2. I got a million of them! Five volumes of The Munson Record. Not through with volume I yet. Horses and tea spills are ongoing. And old houses.


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