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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dr Eneas Munson

One of my New England cousins was Dr Eneas Munson. He was born in 1734 and died in 1826. The 92 years of his life spanned some interesting years in America. He graduated from Yale in 1753 and was a preacher for a very short time. He found preaching to be too strenuous. He studied medicine and began the practice of medicine in 1756 in Bedford, NY. In 1760 he moved back to New Haven. He was a physician for 70 years. His wig and pigtail are still in existence. He was known to kneel at a patient's bed side and commit the patient to God in prayer.

He was a member of the state legislature all during the war. He was a guest at a dinner one time that included George Washington among the other guests. Early in his career he owned slaves. It has been stated that he freed them. No slaves were listed in his estate.

He sometime wrote whole letters in Latin. The Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences was incorporated  in 1799 and he served on the first board with Noah Webster.

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  1. VERY impressive! Dinner with George Washington, too.

  2. There is an oil portrait of the good Doctor in the Yale Medical School. He did lots of medical research and studies.

  3. Hi,
    What country did your family (or Dr. Munson) immigrate from? I'm interested as I'm also a Munson and wonder if we have some relation.
    Howard Munson

  4. Ah - I see now your genealogy information in the side bar. Denmark sounds right. My family is from Norway so I guess just a common name. Still pretty neat that there was a Munson who personally new George Washington.
    Thank You for your service during WW2.
    God bless you -
    Howard Munson

    1. My 8th great grandfather Thomas Munson was born in Rattlesden, England in 1612. He was in an Indian War in New England 1637. He is a signer of the papers that established New Haven. Google THE THOMAS MUNSON FOUNDATION. You might find some relatives.

      You are welcome Howard. I was proud to serve. Chuck Monson


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