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This is the blog of a prune picker. (Native born Californian) Retired oilfield. I am an old man. (91) I blog a lot about my body and getting old. As I approach death life gets more interesting. More interesting is not good. I still drive. I attend sports, music, and civic events. I am writing my memoirs. I attend swim class three times a week. Some of my blogs might be interesting. A lot of my blogs are silly and trivial. None are very long.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 am Birthday Party!

When I walked into the meeting of the Jefferson Corner Liars Club this morning at 5 am this was the scene.

The Club must known that today is my 86th birthday.  There was a huge good looking cake with a candle, a birthday card, and an $100 debit card. I want to thank everyone for the present. The members all burst into singing the birthday song.
Jewette the photographer took my picture. Notice that the card has a likeness of me on the front.

The cake was a humming bird cake it was delicious. It is like a carrot cake without carrots.

The cake was made at home, from scratch by Rhonda Blakley. Rhonda is the treasurer of the JC Liars Club. The thing that really touched my heart and that I appreciated so much was that Rhonda took time out of her busy life to make a cake for my birthday. I love her like a daughter!

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  1. Hey! That cake's missing 85 candles!

  2. The fire dept would not permit 86 candles.


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