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Saturday, March 29, 2014

(Wireline 8) Memories of Truck 321.

Truck 321 was the first truck that was assigned to me. It had a canvas covered winch area. There was a window between me and the winch operator. When it snowed or rained the operator got wet. Sometimes it would blow in on me and the recorder. It looked like the truck below.

I believe that I was told that this was last canvas covered Schlumberger Logging truck. It might have also been the oldest logging truck in service. I started out at the bottom. The truck below is like the fanciest trucks in Bakersfield. No AC on the roof in those days but otherwise the nicest trucks looked like the picture below. Bakersfield had 3 or 4 like this. The others were not as fancy but they were a lot fancier than 321. They were something like 321 but had an enclosed winch area.

A wee bit prettier, heh? It also had better equipment. No snow on the engineer or recorder.  I lusted for one of them.  Downhole tools were the same.

Every month a list of the district trucks and the money they had earned for the corporation during the month was posted. I remember one month that little old 321 was the top truck. I did not brag about it too much!

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