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Sunday, March 30, 2014

There is a wildcat on the road to town.

This sign was a clue.

More information.

The rig.

I thought that this picture of the well (just off HWY 544 about two miles from home) might be interesting for my blog. I thought it might be interesting to know how deep the well is going to be.

So I drove up the well and asked the man in charge. He told me that was classified information. He apologized and said he could not tell me anything about the well. I assume that it is a wildcat looking for new pay. That is interesting. Hope they find something good.


  1. wildhorse is starting to put a lot of new locations in around Lincoln parish from Ruston to hwy 146. just now completing 4 well site right off the side of 146 closer to Goose Creek area

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do not suppose that any of them are wildcats.

  2. all these new ones are horizontal ventures with MULITIPLE well entrys per site. I think everything up to now had been vertical and reworking old wells. There has been some hearings on these well sites and should be public knowledge.

    1. Thanks. That is interesting. I will watch to see if they lay the rig on its side.


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