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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hart's Corner House Warming. (Convenience Store Warming?)

I visited Hart's Corner again today. Found Rosa Blakley in. The store looks so much better after a couple of days of hard work by Rosa, Tina, and Rhonda. So clean and spacious. They are making progress.

Found Rosa in today. I had a great visit. I had not seen her since last year.

On Tuesday I had a visit with Tina and Rhonda. These three lovely ladies make up the Blakley Ladies. We really enjoyed their smiling service at Jefferson Corner for many (8 ?) years.

Within a couple of weeks they will be opening their store at Hart's Corner. I would like to suggest that  we organize a trip to Hart's Corner with several car loads of their old friends from Jefferson Corner. We could have one great big jolly visit. We will have to take chairs. There are trees nearby that we could gather under. How about some music? Do any of us play an musical instrument? A lot of us tell funny stories.

How about a week after they open? Please let me know what you think.


  1. Great idea, Chuck! Let me know when. I may be able to come from Texas.

    1. The day will be posted as we decide on a day. Hope you can make it.


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