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Monday, March 24, 2014

(Wireline 3) Hired by Schlumberger.

I had been looking for another job ever since I landed in Bakersfield. I remember interviewing, with hope, with a water well drilling company. But no luck. I drove by the Schlumberger office often and was somewhat familiar with what they did. I do not recall how I made the first contact with Schlumberger, but I recall talking to Bud Bryan, who was on the California Schlumberger staff. I remember him telling me that he went to work for Schlumberger (he was a geologist) because he thought that Schlumberger was a prestigious important company in the oil well drilling business. This was a few years before Google so I went to the library and read Schlumberger adds in the trade magazines.

I felt quite fortunate to be hired by Schlumberger. I had four interviews and went out on an overnight job. Schlumberger requested a copy of my college transcript and studied the courses and grades reported. After talking with Bud Bryan I had an interview with Jacque Gallois the Manager of the Bakersfield office. Jacque asked me some questions on electricity. I am glad that I knew what a parallel circuit was. I went to the Long Beach office for an interview by the District Manager there, Art Curran. Then I went to Westwood, to the home of Milt Loy, the West Coast Manager, for an interview. These were all impressive professional men.

 Early in the hiring process I went out to a well and observed a crew logging a 15,550 well. Strange the things that I remember. I spent most of a night on this trip. It takes a while to lower the wireline tools to 15,550 feet.

I was sent to a doctor for a complete physical exam. I had a slight problem with hemorrhoids and was worried about it. No problem. The doctor did not look there. I passed the exam and was hired!

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