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This is the blog of a prune picker. (Native born Californian) Retired oilfield. I am an old man. (91) I blog a lot about my body and getting old. As I approach death life gets more interesting. More interesting is not good. I still drive. I attend sports, music, and civic events. I am writing my memoirs. I attend swim class three times a week. Some of my blogs might be interesting. A lot of my blogs are silly and trivial. None are very long.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Happy Travelers!

This is the famous daughter and father team of Nancy Ann Wright and Charles Elbert Monson. We have been on a great trip to England and France since May 15. There have been mishaps. Nancy fell and broke a rib. She walked to the emergency room! Lost one day resting in her room. She can not lift anything but otherwise is carrying on. Stiff upper lip, you know. Chuck came down with a bad cold and lost a day resting in the room in England, but soon got over it.

The best part of the trip, I think, is the extended visit that the two travelers have had. I think that they have bonded again. I have been living with my beloved youngest daughter, Kerry Lee Adams, for several years in Ruston, Louisiana.

I have two wonderfull daughters. I have also been blessed with two wonderful sons! My heart is full of love and gratitude for my wife, Jackie.

Needless to say, this has been a trip of a lifetime. I will always treasure the memory.


  1. What sweet things to say. I am so glad you two were able to get away together and make so many new memories. Even if you guys ARE super old!

  2. Daddy has put it so well. Do I look tired?

  3. Love this post and the picture of the two of you!



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