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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trip day 13. See you in 9 days. Portsmouth to Bayeux.

Nancy and I had a trip today. It was hectic at times but below is the view out the window of our charming hotel in Bayeux, Normandy. The view shows how close we are to the Bayeux Cathedral.

We got up at 5 am in Portsmouth, England. Went through security and customs and settled in for a nice ferry boat ride to Normandy. A bus ride to Caen followed where Nancy had made arrangements for a rental car. (It was so good to see people driving on the right side of the road!) Every car rental in Caen was closed for Sunday and Nancy could not pick up her car. She had stipulated Sunday pick up. A taxi to Bayeux was 75 euro and the train was 8 euro. We thought that the train would be more fun. When we got to Bayeux there was no taxi. A man said that it was a 15 minute walk to our hotel. We were beat, each of us loaded down with three pieces of luggage. Nancy finally persuaded the bar tender in a nearby bar to call a taxi. We had just about given up when the taxi arrived. I asked if I could kiss him but he said non Monsieur.

Anyhow we are settled in our room and close to the Bayeux Tapestry, the Cathedral, and tours of the D-day Beaches. What a day!

Nancy about to board the ferry. But first, a picture.

The ferry was a clipper and really moved. Made the trip in 3 1/2 hours where the regular ferry takes more than 8 hours. It left a long wake in the water.

 Frist sight of France. I looked up the beach and could see people on horses riding down to the surf. Very cool!

25 million passengers from 1986 to 2011.

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  1. Seems like maybe the ratio of downtime to heavy travel could be increased a LITTLE?


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