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Prune picker is a Depression Era term for a native Californian. It was not a complement. In the thirties when I was a boy there were times that I was the only prune picker in a group. Everyone else had been born somewhere else.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weight, vital signs, and weather measurements.

I am going to add weather data to the weight and vital signs that I measure and add to my blog each day. There will be eleven columns of data. They are:
1. Date.
2. Weight, pounds.
3. Waist measurement, inches.
4. High blood pressure, pounds per square inch.
5. Low blood pressure, pounds per square inch.
6. Pulse, heart beats per minute.
7. Body temperature.
8. Steps I have made in the day.
9. High outside temperature during the day.
10. Low outside temperature. Both temperature measurements will be taken at my trailer.
11. Rainfall, inches.

Blood pressure instrument, tape, thermometer, pedometer, and inside/outside thermometer.

1-Jan-11 248.6 50.7 139 73 68 96.9 2438 53 37 0
2-Jan-11 247.8 50.2 154 80 74 96.2 1197 44 24    0


  1. Boy that is true. It is a make work project for me. I have to take the steps before I can post them, etc. Some of the data is handy when I have a Doctor appointment. In a short time I will have enough data to make a data nut happy.


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