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This is the blog of a prune picker. Retired oilfield. I am an old man. Will be 90 next July 20. I blog a lot about my body. As I approach death some things work erratically. I am able to attend sports and bluegrass events. I attend swim class three times a week. Some of my blogs might be interesting. A lot of my blogs are silly and trivial. Read at your own risk.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Squire Creek Country Club Lunch Buffet.

My thanks to Sue and Jewette Farley for hosting me and the Blakley Ladies to lunch at Squire Creek today. What is an old Prunepicker doing with all these Elegant Southern People? You can tell from the look on my face that I do not understand. Everyone else in the picture is smiling. From the right: Old Prunepicker, Mrs Rosa Blakley, Rosa's daughter Rhonda, Rosa's daughter Tina, Mrs Sue Farley and Mr Jewette Farley. 

The food was delicious.

The three Blakey Ladies and I really had a great time. Thanks to Sue and Jewette.

The three Blakley Ladies run the convenience store where the Jefferson Corner Liars Club meets.

1/15/11 242.6 49.2 107 56 65 96.4 2143 44 40 0.4
1/16/11 241.4 50 124 60 70 96.2

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