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Prune picker is a Depression Era term for a native Californian. It was not a complement. In the thirties when I was a boy there were times that I was the only prune picker in a group. Everyone else had been born somewhere else.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tommy Ledford's 90th Birthday Party.

What a blowout! Half of Ruston must have been there. Tommy probably had worked on the plumbing of most of the guests in the years he was in the plumbing business. You know the old saying "once a plumber, always a plumber".

Here is a picture of Tommy sitting behind his birthday cake.  

The cake was made to look like Tommy's old plumbing truck.

Notice that the license plate number is 90.

These group shots were taken early in the party. Later these spaces were full of people.

Someone had made a great slide show about Tommy's life. I was particularly interested in the several slides taken at Camp Cook, California in 1943. Tommy and I were both at Camp Cook at that time. Now we are both in Ruston, Louisiana at the same time.

I want to wish Tommy many more Happy Birthdays.

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