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Thursday, July 24, 2014

(Widower 19) Battle fought 10 months after the war was over, We won the war but lost the battle!

I am writing about the Battle of Blue Licks. I was on my way to cemeteries in Mt Olivet and Kentontown. On the way I went by the Blue Licks Battleground.  See Blue Licks.

I found lots of Munson graves in Kentontown. See Munson Graves. Also see Sgt Munson of the 1st Mounted Kentucky Rifle. But no Abner L. Monson. From the dates that I saw on the headstones I would guess that the local Munsons have died out and/or moved away.

I drove on up to Covington to see the grave of James Mart Munson (birth grandfather). In the blog of the next link is a picture of my two paternal grandfathers headstones. James in Kentucky and Charles in Kansas. Two paternal grandfathers 

While I was in the Cincinnati area I had one of my favorite meals. It is a standard delicacy of the area. I love it and would go out of my way for one. Cincinnati three way.

I was staying where the Toyota plant that made my Camry is located. Georgetown, Kentucky. I enjoyed a tour. My Camry seemed to be excited about visiting the place of her birth. I think that her is correct.

I drove from Georgetown to Rosine, the boyhood home of Bill Monroe. Maybe I can get a picture of his grave.

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