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Thursday, July 3, 2014

(Widower 2) I dived into genealogy.

That is what I did after Jackie passed away. I am a history fan. Genealogy, history, and I were a fit. I loved it. I really hit it for awhile but after several years I slowed down. It is still an attractive hobby. Especially for the future when I might be confined more than I am now. Much of the work can be done on a computer.

I first started researching my Dad's ancestors. This had never been discussed much in my life with the Charles Abner Monson family. (My family) I knew my Dad had been born in Kentucky. That my oldest sister had been born in Oklahoma and that the other seven of my siblings had been born in California. In my research I ran across a kind cousin in Kansas who had done a lot of work on the Monson family tree. She helped me so much.

I heard of the Munson Foundation. The members are the descendants of my 8th great grandfather Thomas Munson. Thomas was born in 1612 in England. He first shows up in America in 1637. The foundation had published a five volume set of books named the Munson Record. (detailed Munson genealogy) I joined the foundation and ordered the books.

I found that much of my work had been done for me!

In Volume III page 1344 my Dad's name is mentioned. Page 1343 starts the listing of my Grandfather. That was thrill when I found that. In a subsequent blog I will write what I know about my Dad's life.

There are even pictures in the set of books. I went over all the pages and learned so much. Here is a photo of a cousin who sports a beard like mine. If it were trimmed.


  1. Do you know if this set of Munson books is still in circulation? My paternal Grandmother is of the Munson line. It is my understanding that she was from the Eneas Munson line.

    My parents had this set of books at one time, loaned them to a family member who somehow lost them. If I remember correctly my Father's name is listed in one edition.

    Now I have a nephew who is keenly interested in the history of the family. I would like to locate books for him also.

    I would appreciate your response.

    1. The set of books is available from The Thomas Munson Foundation. They have a Facebook page that is interesting. One of the books is offered on Amazon in a paper back edition.


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