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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

(Widower 6) 2008 continued.

This was my second trip (third if you count the visit that Jackie and I made while we were RVing.) to Jackson Hole.  I was enthralled by the fact that my Orange County, California grandchildren Mark and Corrie would move here. It is a long way to the beach! I was to visit twice more. I was learning my way around Jackson, Wyoming. It is quite a place. Almost everywhere in town there is a view of the Tetons.

I drove over to the Olympic Peninsula to spend a month at the Escapee Coop park in Chimacum. It was good to see the park again. Jackie and I spent 17 years there. It was good to see Chimacum Rock again. The rock sticks 150 feet into the air from the hillside to the west of the park.

The rock is the brown spot in the upper left of the photo. It is really a huge rock, I can not find a photo that does it justice. There was a cable down the back of the rock. Early in our stay I climbed up the cable to the top of the rock and took a picture of the park.

You can get an appreciation of the height of the rock. It was like being in an airplane. I recently read an article by Jim Whittaker on the rock. ( First American to top Mt Everest) It was the first rock that he climbed as a boy. The Indians consider the rock a holy place and call it Tamanamus. The Indians recently bought the rock and surrounding acreage and have stopped all climbing of the rock. Good thing that I climbed it in the 90s. While we were there you would occasionally see people climbing the sheer front cliff.

I had a nice visit with the members of the Coop and headed South to continue my Second Farewell Tour of the West Coast.

Someone got up a boat trip to a baseball game in Seattle from Port Townsend when the ball park was new. I took the boat. We walked from the pier to the Ball Diamond. Jim Whittaker was on the boat and at the game. He lives in Port Townsend. I met him. I am sure that he was impressed.

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