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Monday, July 28, 2014

(Widower 21) Oh Boy! An escorted trip to England and France, Escort Nancy Ann Wright.

Nancy and I had almost a year to plan for and anticipate our trip to Europe. While studying the Munson genealogy I discovered that my 8th great grandfather, Thomas had been baptized in Rattlesden, England in 1612. Also that the baptismal font used for his baptism was still in use! I said that I was going to go get a picture of that font. My daughter Nancy immediately said that she was going with me. She is such an experienced traveler that it turned out that she took me there. She understood the train schedules, etc. She planned a three week sightseeing trip. I will always remember that trip and I am so grateful to Nancy for her loving care and hard work.

I took three trips in 2012. (1) Europe, (2) Grand Final Tour of the West Coast, and (3) Rhonda and Mike wedding in Panama City. It was a big year for trips.

Nancy and I met at the Dallas Airport and snuggled into First Class. Boy was it POSH!

At the London Airport we caught a bus to Bath. Everything I saw was interesting and delightful, The next two pictures are of the Roman Baths. Our nice room was almost across the street from here.

Nancy is ready for a pasty,

Below are shots of tourists at Stonehenge.

Nancy and I caught a train from Bath to London. It was full of Irish soccer fans. From our new room in London we walked across Hyde Park to Harrods. The man below was in the park feeding birds and squirrels out of his hand.

This is a picture of the groceries in Harrods,

We caught a boat down the Thames River to Greenwich.  Very interesting boat ride.

If you look real close you can see that they placed the Base Meridian just a little off. No one has noticed in all these years. I have an eye for such things.

Tomorrow a little more London and then Cambridge.

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  1. Such a great trip with sweet memories. Loved the day at Rattlesden.


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