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Saturday, July 19, 2014

(Widower 14) Chris laid to rest with his Mother. Trip to New England.

On September 13, 2011 my nephew Daryl and I joined representatives from the Arlington Cemetery to conduct a ceremony for Chris and place his ashes in the ground near his mother's ashes.  See pictures. Chris's Burial Ceremony. It gives me much comfort to know that  the ashes of Chris and his mother are buried together. The grave is only 2 or 3 blocks from the main entrance to Arlington National Cemetery. The Pentagon and the Washington Monument can be seen from the grave. Since the first time that Jackie and I visited Arlington in the seventies I have thought about being buried there. It seems appropriate as we never did spend much time in any one place.

It was an exciting ride from DC to New Haven, Connecticut. My GPS and I made it. For part of the way we were driving in the Bronx. I think that is part of New York City. I knew that the headstone for my 8th great grandfather was in the Grove Street Cemetery near Yale University in New Haven. I found a hotel near there. I stayed several days and did some walking. I drove to a cemetery of interest in Wallingford, a few miles away. Here is link to Grove Street Cemetery blog. There were lots of pigeons.  See pigeons of the Grove Street Cemetery.

Thomas Munson (great grand 8th) was one of the founders of New Haven. His signature was on the founding document for New Haven. His son Samuel Munson (great grand 7th) went a little north and was one of the founders of Wallingford. His signature is on the founding document for Wallingford. I drove to Wallingford and spent some time there. Spent a lot of time at the cemetery. See Wallingford Cemetery. I did not find his gravestone. As I comment in the blog many stones were worn away to the point where you could read any thing. I was to look at many such headstones on this trip.

It was not all cemeteries on my visit to New Haven. Two blocks away there was a volleyball game on the Yale campus. See Vollleyball game . I found a museum to go to. Peabody.

I walked around Yale. Some of the Munson family donated a substantial parcel of land for the founding of Yale University. The Munson held a reunion at Yale in 1987. The reunion was held to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the first appearance of Thomas Munson in America in 1637. Here is an interesting picture of the group.

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