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Thursday, July 17, 2014

(Widower 12) Finally get home from Third Tour of West Coast.

From Big Bend Country I headed south on the that old familiar Interstate 10. Got off at Fredericksburg. Two items to see here. The Nimitz Museum and the Museum for the World War 2 in the Pacific. See the blog about my visit. WW 2 in the Pacific.  See more of visit. More pics. Notice the indication of an area called Bloody Nose Ridge on Peleliu Island. I was wounded on that Ridge. I have lunch at the Ruston Senior Center with a gentleman named Robert Rinehart. Robert was wounded on the Ridge twice. We can talk about old times in the Pacific. Both of us were later involved in action on Okinawa.

It is really a fine Museum, covers several blocks. Offers several escorted tours. Several good German Restaurants in Fredericksburg. I found one.

Then catawampus across Texas to College Station. I visited the George Bush Museum. Very nice museum. By this time I was just about museumed out! It was good to head home to Good Old Ruston. What a nice place!

It was quite a trip. I was left with a hunger for more Grand Farewell Tours of the West Coast, however. In 2011 I take a cemetery tour of the East Coast. Then 2012 I take another Final West Coast Tour. (May have been my last.)

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