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Thursday, July 31, 2014

(Widower 24) From Bury St Edmunds to Buyeux.

Back to the train station in Cambridge. Turn in the car and catch train into London. We had to change train stations to get to Portsmouth. That Nancy is a genius. We took a taxi between train stations. We spent the night in Portsmouth and caught a boat to France. This was our hotel in Bayeux. Good food.

The Reine Mathilda. Here is the view out of the window in our room. See the beautiful Bayeux Cathedral. 

I thought this was the most beautiful cathedral. See this blog. Bayeux Cathedral.

Nancy had fallen and broke a rib. She took the day off. What a Spartan! I was signed up for a double tour. In the morning Mount St Michael and then the D-Day beaches in the afternoon. I took some extra steps at the abbey when I got lost from my tour. My steps for the day were 17000. That is over seven miles. Here is a selfie in front of Mount St Michaels.

In the afternoon I saw the D-Day Beaches and the American Cemetery. See the blogs.

D-Day beaches.

The American Cemetery.

We visited a Museum on the Normandy Battle. See Normandy Battle Museum. We also walked through a farmers market that was on a nearby street. See Bayeux Farmers Market.


  1. You left out the part in Portsmouth where I thought I had lost you.

    1. I felt like I was lost. I was sure glad to see you!


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