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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thomas Munson and the founding of New Haven, Connecticut.

Thomas Munson, my 8th great grandfather, was an early citizen of New Haven. During the Pequot Indian War in 1637 he had toured the area chasing Indians. He was in a body of soldiers from Hartford. Thomas and some of his fellow Puritan soldiers were impressed with the area and moved from Hartford to the area. Also 500 Puritans from the Massachusetts Bay Colony moved to the area.

Thomas was one of the signers of the original agreement to establish New Haven in 1639.

Above is a copy of the original document. The signature of Thomas is the fifth signature in the left column. It is marked by the pointing hand in the margin.

Thomas lived the rest of his life in New Haven. He was born in Rattlesden, England in 1612 and died in New Haven in 1675. He was a citizen soldier all of his life, a carpenter and a builder, and an active  participant in the civil affairs of New Haven. He was on the jury of the first jury trial in the colony and was elected to be the Foreman of the jury.

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