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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Founders Monument, Hartford, Connecticut.

There is a monument named the Founders Monument in Hartford, Connecticut. It replaced, in1986, a much older, and badly deteriorating monument that had been installed in 1837. Engraved on the monument are the names of all of the persons who owned land in Hartford before 1640. The new monument is made of Connecticut pink granite and should last a long time

My 8th great grandfather, Thomas Munson was one of these honored land owners for a short time. He lived in Hartford when he first came to America sometime prior to 1637. He was listed as a soldier, from Hartford, in the colonial army during the Pequot Indian War in 1637. For that service he was awarded land in Hartford. His land was located in Hartford where Interstate I-84 crosses High Street. However within a year or two he had moved to New Haven and was a founder there.

The name of Thomas Munson is the twelfth name from the bottom in this blown up view of the south side of the monument.

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