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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am addicted to Apple iphones.

Before last Monday I had purchased each new model (four) of the iphone as they came our. That was from the first model to the iphone 4S. I had the excuse that I needed the latest so that I could give my current model to my daughter Kerry. She is a pro iphone user. Her phone is always full of games for her grand kids to play.

When the iphone 5 came out a couple of months ago I fought off my basest desires. I really did not need the iphone 5. My phone and Kerry's phone were working good. But then.....Kerry dropped her phone into the toilet. At last! I had an excuse to buy an iphone 5 so Kerry could have my iphone 4S. So Monday i visited the friendly Radio Shack store in West Monroe.

This is David Newberry, the friendly Manager of the friendly Radio Shack store, transferring files from my old phone to my new phone. David is a grand son in law of mine.

It sure is pretty. But it is a lot of hassle changing phones. I hope it is a long before I do it again. 

While working with AT&T over the phone configuring my mobile hot spot I got the following terrible news. I have aways had unlimited data for $30  a month, I was grandfathered with that deal, which is no longer available. The man on the phone said I was going to lose that deal and pay $50 a month for 5 GB. Sounds like almost twice as much for much less data. I was very upset and went the next morning to the local AT&T store to complain. The man there very graciously and competently redid my whole phone configuration and I am back on my unlimited data plan.

The morale of the story? Visit the local AT&T store. They are much more helpful than the people on the phone.

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