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This is the blog of a prune picker. Retired oilfield. I am an old man. Will be 90 next July 20. I blog a lot about my body. As I approach death some things work erratically. I am able to attend sports and bluegrass events. I attend swim class three times a week. Some of my blogs might be interesting. A lot of my blogs are silly and trivial. Read at your own risk.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Driving toward Shanksville, PA on 9/11/11.

Ten years ago today Flight 93 crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. I have always had a big place in my heart full of admiration of and sorrow for the brave people who brought the plane down. I wish that I could have been at the monument for the dedication ceremony but it did not work out. I will be driving 10 to 12 hours today and will spend the night close to Shanksville.

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