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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A walk on the Shawnt a lee shay

Nancy and I had a nice walk in Paris today. We saw some sporting events, wedding pictures, and other things. Had a lovely lunch on the Shawnt a lee shay. Had my first and last cup of $8.90 coffee.

We chanced upon a game of  Bucci Ball. 

It was pretty intense!

Napoleon's Tomb is below this dome. 

Approaching one of the fancier bridges over the Seine River.

But what do we see? A polo game on bicycles.

Then we saw a soccer game.

This man is giving in line skating lessons. He acted like a pro.

Picture taken with my left hand. Sun was in Nancy's eyes.

Wedding pictures with the Seine River in the background.

This guy was all decked out in silver.

I was across the street but I bet this is a statue of Winston Churchill.

We had lunch on the Shawnt a lee shay. I went all out and ordered a piece of $8 cheesecake. I ordered coffee with it. The coffee was $8.90 per cup. More than the cheesecake! I would have thought twice at 4 or 5 bucks a cup, let alone nine. I told the waiter that it was the best cup of 9 dollar coffee that I had ever had.


  1. I'm looking at this on my phone, and it's really small. But it looks like the cheese cake and coffee are 8 & 8.9 in euros. If the exchange rate is still what it was, that's more like around 10 & 12 bucks!! That's funny that "cheese cake" is in English.

  2. Yes, I just had to look it up. The exchange rate is 1.25, so around 10 and 11 bucks!

  3. Yes, I just had to look it up. The exchange rate is 1.25, so around 10 and 11 bucks!

    I think my posts keep coming from "unknown", but I'm "Janelle"!


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