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Friday, May 24, 2013

TIA Report.

I was operated on March 25 to stop bleeding from my brain. The bleeding was caused by a fall on January 25. Two months later on March 24 I had a light stroke (TIA). Any stroke is very serious, however. A head x-ray indicated that my brain was bleeding. When I went into the operating room my right hand was semi-functional and I was not talking in my normal lucid manner. I was having a TIA. Thank goodness I have been recovering ever since the operation. I had a great surgeon. She visited me once in intensive care. I obtained this picture of her from the internet.

I think that Dr Notarianni is a pleasant looking brain surgeon.

In the first 26 days after the operation I had three TIAs. The last one was on April 20. I am making progress. I have gone from 3 TIAs in 26 days to none in 35 days! I am thankful for every day without a TIA.

I do not feel like I ever had a stroke, other than being weak and an occasional unsteadiness. I try to move very carefully. I sometimes use a cane.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you are doing okay now, it seems from your later posts that you must be. God bless (if you don't mind that sort of thing).


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