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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second week on Vancouver Island. Back to the USA.

After a week in Parksville we drove to Victoria. On the way we stopped to see the famous murals in Chemainus. The murals were unique in 1988. Many towns, especially in the Northwest have put murals on their buildings now. Almost every building in the downtown area of Chemainus was covered with murals.

Victoria Harbor. We enjoyed Victoria. Carriage ride, music in the park, and tea at the big hotel. It is so famous that I have forgot the name.  A bagpiper was almost always playing in the harbor area.

Butchart Gardens in Victoria. You can spend a day here. We made many trips to here from Chimacum.

We took ferry boat from Sidney to Anacortes . 

Beautiful ride through the San Juan Islands. We stopped at about five ferry landings. One of the ferry boat landings were operated by an order of nuns. 

Anacortes. We were to spend much time here in the next 20 years.

This is sort of the end of our travels in Western Canada. We did go back and spend a week in Chilliwack waiting for repairs to our fifth wheel. Almost a new side was put on where the deer had ran into our bathroom.

I recommend a trip to Western Canada.

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