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Friday, November 15, 2013

Further travels in Western Canada. June 1988.

We drove from Banff up over Rogers Pass, to Kamloops, spent some time in Sicamous, then to Chilliwack and Cultus Lake. Lots of excitement between Chilliwack and Cultus Lake. A large deer ran into our bathroom! I was driving and pulling our fifth wheel at 55 MPH when I saw this large deer running right at me from the left. I almost got past the deer but the deer hit us right in the bathroom, which was in the back left corner of our trailer. The collision tore up the bathroom wall and the plumbing.

The trailer dealer in Chilliwack could not do the several thousand dollars worth of work right away so he temporarily patched up the wall. We went on camping on Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula and came back to Chilliwack in a few weeks.

Rogers Pass.

Sicamous. Houseboat country.

Our camp site at Cultus Lake. The young clean shaven man is the old prunepicker. Notice the two bicycles in the foreground. Yes, Jackie and I would go bicycling.


Cultus Lake. 

This leg of our trip to Western Canada had lots of beautiful scenery. Lots of water.

How many of you have had a deer run into your bathroom while you were driving down the highway?

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