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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Orphan Trains.

The story of the Orphan Trains is some American History that many of us have never heard of. Between 1854 and 1929  over a quarter of a million orphans and abandoned children were put on trains and taken to different locations in the West. People came and picked them up at the train station. Sort of like going and picking out a kitten, but different. I attended a program on the event today. There was music, film clips, photos and stories, The stories were both chilling and heart warming.

For sure such a thing could not happen today.

To some it was an opportunity to get a slave.

Joe Allet, the winningest  Coach in Tech history was one of the orphans. The current football stadium is named after him. He must have been on one of the last trains.


  1. I read a novel last year in which the main character went to Kansas on an orphan train. Fascinating. Times now are better...and worse.

    1. It could not happen today. I was four when the last train ran.


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