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Friday, August 8, 2014

(Widower 31) Many fun days in Chimacum

July 2012 in Port Ludlow, Chimacum, Port Hadlock, Port Townsend, Sequim, and Port Angeles. I attended so many fun things, Saw so many friends. I have reviewed my posts during that time and there are some good ones. They are worth posting a link fr you to look at them again or for the first time. I will do some of these things again next summer but many of them were for the last time.

A visit to the famous hot dog stand under the Bull Durham sign. See Hot Dog!

In Port Hadlock I witnessed the famous keg toss. See Keg Toss.

The Navy at the local ammunition storage dump demonstrated the K-9 Corp. K-9

Some pictures of the local floating bridge. See Hood Canal Bridge.

This next post is very special to me. For many years Jackie and I had lunch at the El Sarape in downtown Port Townsend. Many times with groups but many times just the two of us. We sat just inside the door next to a window on the sidewalk. We could see the traffic and a little bit of the ocean. The pictures in this post I took the last time I was there in 2012. See El Sarape

I am looking forward to seeing this scene again next summer.

Be back with more Olympic Peninsula scenes and then we will head South.

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