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Thursday, August 7, 2014

(Widower 30) A whole month on the Olympic Peninsula. Making plans for 2015.

It was the month of July 2012. I sure had a nice visit. I do not believe that I will do that again. I would like to visit for a week or so. I may do that next year. I plan to spend  the week of my 90th birthday on Orcas Island with my daughter Nancy's family. Orcas is one of the San Juan Islands.

I might consider a visit to Port Townsend starting the July 4th weekend (Oh Boy! I could attend Fiddle Tunes one more time.) The week on Orcas Island starts on Saturday the 18th. (My 90th birthday is on Monday the 20th.) I might be able to catch a boat from Port Townsend to Orcas Island. Does that sound like fun? Probably not possible. Maybe yes in the middle of the summer. At the very least I could catch the Coupeville ferry in Port Townsend, and a bus from Coupeville to Anacortes, and then the ferry to Orcas Island. That sounds like fun too.

Thinking out loud, I think that I will spend  two weeks on the Olympic Peninsula from the 3rd or 4th of July and then go to Orcas Island on July 18th. Isn't it fun to make plans? Thanks for your help.

I just counted them. There are 47 weeks before I go to the American Festival of Fiddle tunes at Fort Warden. 49 weeks to Orcas Island.

This will probably be my final grand tour of the Olympic Peninsula and the San Juan Islands!

You can see Port Townsend to the left of the center of the area shown. If you look hard with some imagination you can see a Sea Dragon. Port Townsend is on the nose of the dragon. (Our home for 17 years was in the belly of the dragon). Orcas Island is almost due north of Port Townsend at the very top of the area. The yellow spot is on Orcas Island. The skinny island across from Port Townsend is Whidby Island. My route would most likely be up Whidby to Anacortes and then to Orcas on the ferry boat to Canada.


  1. We are all so excited to celebrate your birthday with you.

  2. I am excited too. I am looking forward to it. Then when I get home I will have another belated 90th birthday celebration. You just can not be the center of attention too often!


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