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Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Tale about Quail.

John has traveled a long way in the quail world. Around the first of June he brought home two males and two females. He put the two couples into a single large pen. One male tried to murder the other male. John gave the beat up male freedom. He let him loose in the woods. He seemed to be happy to go.

John then entered into the world of quail propagation. It was a complicated world. He bought an automated incubator. The incubator was placed in John's bathroom.  The eggs were to lay still for three days, then the incubator slowly moved them for 20 days. Then the eggs were quiet for about three days or until birth. (hatch?). John had to number the eggs and keep books. John fought a good fight for weeks. With no luck. He really looked askance at the quail-hood of the male. He was on the verge of trading him in when an egg hatched. Then two. John and I were so proud and happy.

The new quail did not make it. Sad day.

John decided on a fresh start. He left the door open and the three quail walked away.

They did stay in the yard one day. They were on the deck the next morning but were gone by evening. We were hoping that they would join the chicken group of six. It would have been nice to have quail wondering the yard.

John has built a  three compartment quail coop.

 John is going to put a couple of quail into each compartment. He will know who does what.

John does not give up.

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