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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

(Widower 29) Ride down the Columbia River Basin. 4th of July at Fiddle Tunes.

One of the prettiest rides of my travels is the ride from Pendleton to Portland, Oregon.
All the way you are driving by the Columbia River. You start in big sky country with rolling treeless plains. As you drive toward Portland the country changes to forested mountains, here is a picture from that ride.

From Portland I drove north to my grandson Mark's house in Port Ludlow. Mark was leaving for a month. He let me stay in his house. The location of the house was great for visiting. It was about ten miles to the Evergreen Coho Resort in Chimacum. 

We had a family 4th of July. Mark's brother Matt lives across Puget Sound in Woodenville. Mark was not leaving until the 5th so Matt and his wife Janelle and daughters Winter and Holly came over for the Fiddle Tunes 4th of July celebration at Fort Warden. See 4th blog.

Fiddle Tunes is a week long fiddle retreat held for for a week over the 4th of July at Fort Warden. Jackie and I loved it and attended the public functions of the retreat. We attended for at least 15 years. We saw expert fiddlers from Ireland, Nova Scotia, Mexico and Louisiana among other places. We would ride through the Fort and see students practicing. This blog shows some of these scenes. See Fiddle tunes campus.

This 2012 they had a Cajun Band at Fiddle Tunes.  See Cajun.

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