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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh Boy! I have DSL again.

AT & T installed a phone line to my trailer yesterday and this morning I have high speed internet via DSL. That is what I had for years in Washington. The last six years of internet delivered by satellite service have been a big pain. The satellite service is subject to weather disruption, is slow, and cost a lot for not much data. I spent hours on the phone to India. I feel like I have emerged from the dark ages. DSL service is so fast and sturdy. For less money.

It was 32 degrees and a wet day. The line was laid on the ground and will be buried when conditions are better.

A pole was installe at the rear of my trailer and the line was place through the window. I am very high tech.

William the installer is checking to see that I can receive DSL.

I now have a corded phone and another phone number. (My cell phone number is the same.) The phone is as big as the DSL modem.


  1. Through your windw? Does that mean you can never close it all the way?


    1. Jalousie window closes with small phone line in it as good as ever.


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