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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ear tubes in and adenoids out.

My great grandson Christian went under the knife this morning. He is only 25 months old for pete's sake. 
His mother, his grandmother, his grandfather, and his great grandfather accompanied Christian to the Green Clinic Surgical Hospital.

Christian was bright and chipper and hungry and ready to go.
The person in charge of putting Christian to sleep came and promised him balloons if he would come with him.
This what he looked like when they brought him back from surgery. 

Christian's Mother Joy greeted him when he came to.
Poor little guy.

Maw maw and Paw paw also gave Christian encouragement.

The Doctor said that Christian could not be released until he tee teed. That is the medical term for urinated. They poured several cups of fruit juice down him but it was still a couple of hours before he tee teed and he could go home.

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  1. Jack had that done when he was 11 months old. Never ever had another ear infection but he had about 12 before that in such a short time.


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