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Sunday, March 1, 2015

10 minute film of the Munson Family Reunion to honor the 350th Anniversary of the arrival of Thomas Munson in Connecticut.

Here is a picture taken at the reunion. On the grounds of Yale University.

A cousin took a film at the reunion. He has placed it on youtube. Here is a link to the movie. Anniversary Movie It is ten minutes long and I am sure it is of minimal interest to many of my readers. My family may be interested. It is ten minutes long. The first half of the movie is of a gathering at the Grove Street Cemetery at the headstone of my 8th great grandfather Thomas Munson. The rest is at the gathering where the above photo was taken.

At the time of the reunion I knew nothing of all the many Munson/Monson relatives that I had. Or that my genealogy could be traced to England. Where Thomas was born in 1612. When my wife Jackie passed away 8 years ago I started to do some genealogy work. And I found a bunch of Munson/Monsons.

Guess what? While RVing, after my retirement, Jackie and I drove through Connecticut several times. Even weirder is the fact that in August 1987 we were camped at North Bergen, New Jersey. We were at the end of a trip with two of our grandchildren. We put them on a plane home and we went to Michigan. North Bergen is only 79 miles from the reunion in New Haven.

I have always been sorry that I did not get to the reunion. If I had taken up genealogy sooner and had known about the reunion we would have attended. Only an hour and a half away! I wonder if they missed me.

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