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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Farm Report. March 2015.

Farmer John Adams has a garden and chickens. (And rabbits. More about them later.)

John loves to garden The chickens love to eat the plants in John's garden. John likes the eggs from the chickens. He also likes the garden crops. What to do? John decided to put up a seven foot high net fence around the garden to keep the chickens out of the garden. He could have eaten the chickens and buy eggs at the store. However, the chickens are lovable and a lot of company. And range eggs taste so good.

Here are the chickens watching the fence go up.

If eggs are $2 per dozen and the fence cost $300 I calculate that it would take about about a year to pay for the fence in eggs.

John uses rows of barrels in his garden. This year he is adding an overhead sprinkler system to water his garden. Instead of dragging a water hose around he will just open a valve.

John is sharp, huh? Meanwhile there has been activity in the rabbit department.

The white bunny is due to have a litter on April 14.

The gray bunny is due April 13.

The male bunny is not due. He has done his part.

High above the garden this tree is in bloom.

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