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Friday, February 27, 2015

WWII Luncheon. Friday, 27/Feb/2015

This was a luncheon and program honoring veterans of World War II. Several hundred veterans and guests gathered in Haban Hall at the Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana. My son in law John Adams drove me over and joined me in the program. John is a nice guy. We have been to this affair before several years ago, but we enjoyed the program again. Several veteran friends from Ruston were also there.

Col (Ret) Steve dePyssler, along with the 2nd Bomber Wing, host these programs. Thank you very much. Col Steve will be 96 in July. He may give up hosting.

The Col commented that he is the only living veteran who had served in four wars.

Following are many pictures taken by John and I. Comments are added here and there.

John is checking his iphone. Getting ready to take pictures.

Old friend Robert Rinehart and his grand daughter Jessica. They sat at the same table with John and I.

Mr and Mrs James Falin on the left, with their family.

Tommy Ledford and friends. 

Big crowd. Notice the large orchestra.

How can you have a military honors program without a bagpiper?

Tommy Ledford I and Tommy Ledford II approach the handshakes with generals area.

The old prunepicker and Robert Rinehart in same line.

Notice the airmen with sabers.

Three stars. He had a firm hand shake too.

Prune picker the photographer.

I did not know that the air force used sabers. Even Mosby's Raiders had given them up in 1861. Mosby's men preferred two colt revolvers.

I asked this general for an explanation for each ribbon on his chest. He laughed and said that he did not have the list with him and some he had forgotten.

I also received a goody bag. Two caps, a tee shirt, and a medallion.


  1. You get to some really interesting events. Nice goodie bag.


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