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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lisonopril cough and vital signs.

I have had a cough for many years. I have been taking two medicines for heart pressure since my heart attack in 2005. They are lisonopril and atenolol. Over the years the dosages has been changed to modify my blood pressure. My dosage of lisonopril has been severely reduced due to my complaints about my cough. Well, a couple weeks ago my Doctor cut my lisonopril dosage to zero. Dr Carter said if my blood pressure goes over 130 to double my atenolol dosage. Hooray! my cough is gone. And my blood pressure has not gone up.

The columns in the table below are date, steps/weight, high bp/low bp-pulse, and temperature.

It feels so good to shake the cough. The cough would really come on when I went to bed. I used several cough drops to get to sleep every night. Not now.

Good by, lisonopril cough!

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