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Friday, March 13, 2015

Does Eat Place. Two Cities. Four Years. One Inspection Team.

Four years ago in January 2011 Roger Shelby, John Roebuck, Skip Russell, and the old Prunepicker drove 145 miles to Greenville, Mississippi to eat and inspect the steaks at Does Eat Place. Does is truly a unique place to eat. It was founded in 1941. Still operates in the same building. Because it is located in a tough part of town there is an armed guard at the door.

See the guard to the left. Through the front door is the kitchen. The steaks are cooking under fire to your immediate left.

Inspection Team as of 2011. Before beard.

Everything was so good. This was actually our second trip to Greenville. I had not started blogging before the first trip. (Probably made first trip around 2008)

This year a Does franchise opened in Monroe. Only an hour drive. The Team decided to inspect the Franchise.

Inspection Team as of 2015. John had on the same shirt. 

Our assignment was to compare and grade the two Does Eat Places. This is my opinion. The Monroe Does is an excellent steak house with excellent service and nice decor. But I missed the entrance through the kitchen and the 1941 decor. There is something about the Mississippi steak that is a wee bit better.

Before I make a final decision I am going to have to inspect the Greenville Does again. (Four years?)

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