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Monday, February 4, 2013

Rufus and Minnie Ireton

Rufus and Minnie are the paternal grandparents of my sweet wife Jackie. And are great grandparents of our children.

David Rufus Ireton and Minnie Ann Johnson were married in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in 1900. They had an interesting marriage. Interesting in the sense that things did not go right. The 1920 census had them living together with several children in Oklahoma. The 1930 census had Minnie Ann and her son Payne (Jackie's Father) living alone in Taft, California.

The 1930 census indicated that Rufus was in the county jail in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Further research indicates that he also served time in the Federal Prisons in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and McNeil Island in Washington. I obtained a copy of his mug shot at Leavenworth. He is a good looking Irish lad.

Here is a charming picture of Minnie Ann taken around the time of the above picture of Rufus.

Minnie and Rufus were divorced and Minnie married a man named Bergeron. They both lived before their passing in Kern County, California. I believe that they are buried in Bakersfield.

Minnie Ann Bergeron. A lovely lady.

Minnie on her 87th Birthday.

I have done some research that indicates that Jackie's and my children have a larger percentage of Choctaw blood then I had previously believed. Minnie was half Choctaw and Rufus was one quarter Choctaw. I believe that Payne was 3/8, Jackie 3/16, and my children 3/32 Choctaw.


  1. Thanks, Dad, this is fascinating.
    And, I KNEW Payne was half Choctaw and it looks like 3/8s is pretty darn close.

  2. Also interesting that he died in 1950 in Kern Co., I wonder if Payne had contact with him. Plus, his daughter is Hattie, who of course I remember as "Aunt Hattie," in Taft. One of his arrests was in Los Angeles for mail fraud.

    1. For mail fraud he was sent to MeNeil Island. In 1899 (age 19) he was sentenced to a year and a half at Leavenworth for larceny.

    2. The old picture on my blog of the six of us was taken in Hattie's front yard in Taft.

  3. does that make me 3/62? and what does that even mean? :-)

    1. For simplicity you could round up. Jackie would be 1/4, your Mother 1/8, and you 1/16. I never could understand how you knew how to talk and understand Choctaw!.

      Your children are Iranian-American-Choctaw.

  4. Replies
    1. I think so. There is an Ireton Cemetery in Alex, Oklahoma. I may make a trip there this year.


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