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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Planning trip to the Ireton Family Cemetery.

I am planning a trip to look at the Ireton trail. John Howard Payne Ireton is the father of my wife Jackie and is the maternal grandfather of my children. He was born in Alex, Oklahoma. There were so many Iretons in the area that they had their own cemetery.

I have learned that Payne's great grandfather was born in Ireland. So Payne is a third generation American. His great grandfather John Ireton moved from Ireland to Ohio in 1850 with his wife and four children, 1850 is during the potato famines in Ireland. John later moved to Winfield, Kansas. He is buried in Winfield.

This John Ireton must have been quite a man. He and his first wife had twelve children. After his first wife died he married an Irish immigrant, a 20 year old girl. He was 61. He and his new bride had six children. Sounds like he fathered 18! That is a lot of Iretons.

One of John's sons, also named John moved to Alex, Oklahoma, He is buried in the Ireton Family Cemetery. This John is the father of David Rufus Ireton, who is the father of Payne. This John Ireton had twelve children. Rufus was the second of these children.

Things then slowed down. Rufus had six children and Payne only had one, My sweet wife Jackie.

This John Ireton is buried in the Ireton Cemetery.

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