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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A barium milkshake in Shreveport.

I took my last swallow last night about nine. I took a 65 mile drive over to the VA Hospital in Shreveport. I was aching for coffee and breakfast all the way. They gave me a barium milk shake. Not too tasty.

This is the radiology equipment.

 I stood behind the machine and swallowed barium on cue. I could see the swallow spurt down my esophagus.

At the end of the test I was given a  pill. After five or more minutes the pill was still sitting above the stomach. Normally the pill would pass immediately into the stomach. I was told that I did not have any restrictions in my esophagus but did have tertiary contractions. These contractions can cause pain and trouble swallowing. Tertiary contractions can give a picture like the one below. My barium swallow test did.

I have an appointment next Monday to discuss my test.

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  1. Over all, not the best way to start your day. I hope this info will help.


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