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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A letter to Papa Chuck.

Got this letter yesterday.

It was from a town down by Franklinton where my grand daughter Katie lives with my sweet great grand daughter Johnny Lynn. It was sent to my old address. I moved last summer. The Post Office figured out that I was Papa Chuck and sent it to my new address. In the envelope was a Christmas card that I had mailed to Johnny Lynn in December 2011.

Johnny's last name is Miller, not Adams. The old Prune Picker gets mixed up sometimes. And I believe that she had moved from Varnada before I mailed the card. ( I had managed to send a Christmas card and gift to JL with the wrong name and the wrong address,)  There was a note with the card that said the Lady had found the card in the mailbox at Varnada Street.

In with the card was the $50 bill that I had mailed to Johnny Lynn for Christmas 2011!

I will give the bill to Katie this weekend, I think that it is really something that the kind Lady and the Post Office corrected for my errors and got the card back to me after it had sat in a mail box for a year.

I will send the nice Lady a thank you. It was so nice of her to mail the card.

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