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Monday, February 11, 2013

NELA G & HS February 2013 Meeting.

I went to the meeting of the Northeast Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Society yesterday.

President Sandra Jo Blate called the meeting to order.

Sandra introduced Les Davis who showed and talked about several older weapons.

Les had a very valuable and ancient revolver. The 1847 Walker-Colt, It is the most powerful black powder pistol ever made. It was an effective weapon at 100 yards. It was not normally carried on a belt but was carried on a saddle. It was used in the Mexican War.

This is a Colt Dragoon.

A 1911 Colt 45. I carried one of these at times during WW II. I dreamed about taking one home with me but did not have the nerve. I sure did not need one.

Les's daughter holds the 45. She was the gun bearer for Les.

Les said it was a good idea to have a knife in case your pistol did not do the job. Les is a Marine and gave a very interesting talk.

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